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September 9, 2005
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Kaede could hear the faint chirping from the birds outside the hut, as she awoke from her slumber. She sighed softly and her eye lids rose. Her brown irises shimmered from the beams of morning sunlight which shot down onto her from the open window. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes as her blanket tumbled off of her torso. She crawled out of her futon and waddled over to her window and peered out into the open. She couldn’t help but let a large yawn bellow throughout her mouth as she stretched her tense arm muscles. She scratched her head with her finger tips and scurried back over to her futon as she heard someone approaching. Kagome walked into the room with a smile to her face as she glanced over to her ‘sleeping’ half demon daughter.

"Kaede, I know you’re awake," Kagome called calmly as she bent over slightly to brush away some dirt off her priestess hakama pants. She chuckled as her daughter let a noisy groan echo through the room.

"Now get changed," Kagome commanded with a small giggle curving into her demand as she left the room in a hurry. Kaede shuffled around until she stood up once again in a huff. She glared over to the birds who were perched on her window ledge and muttered as she got dressed,

"Stupid birds,"

As she pull on her haori, which was almost identical to her father’s except it differed in color; her’s white, his red, and her’s tighter by her stomach and ribs, a faint scent lingered into her bedroom. She shook off the scent, because it was too dull to even recall, and bursted into the kitchen part of her family’s large hut. She glanced over to her father with her eyebrow quirked in question to his slob mannerisms. He sit with a bowl of steamed rice in his grasp, shoving clumps into his mouth. Through mouthfuls he greeted his daughter. She smirked and rolled her eyes as she took a seat beside him. She looked over to him in doubt of whether to ask him about the unfamiliar scent. He placed the empty bowl down, which had only a few grains of rice stuck to the sides. He took a deep swallow then turned to his daughter as she asked,

"Dad, just wondering, but do you smell something familiar?"

He frowned as he got up and made his way over to the window and ducked his head out, filling his nostrils with the outside air. He froze when he realized the familiar scent of graveyard soil. He reached back and signaled for his daughter to stay put. A sudden shrill scream was heard from Kagome from outside the hut. Kaede started to stand impatiently but InuYasha screamed for her to stay where she was like he instructed before as he bolted out from the hut. When she heard nothing but silence, she rushed out from the hut and through the fields. She stopped dead in her tracks when her eyes witnessed a terrible sight. There by one tree, lay her parents lying helplessly with arrows piercing their cheeks. She turned to her left to see the woman who had shattered her life once before, and now had done it again: Kikyo.

"I knew I would get my revenge," Kikyo whispered to herself with a smirk curving her lips wickedly.


A calm wind blew by as Kaede was left speechless and afraid. The horrifying thought of her parent’s so-called-death ate away at her mind as she stare blankly at the resurrected priestess. Kikyo stared back at her then smirked cruelly.

“And as for you, young half demon, you will soon be joining them. Ah, and I see you have the jewel ready for me as well,” Kikyo threatened with an icy smile. Kaede just continued to stand there in depression and shock as tears traveled down her cheeks and onto the blades of grass. These droplets of salty liquid then slipped off the bent blades and soaked into the ground below. She finally managed to scream through sobs,

“Kikyo! How could you kill my parents!”


She gasped as her eyes darted to the side when she sensed their pulsating heartbeats. She had to help them. She turned on her heel and took a step towards the direction of the tree. Kikyo tightened her grip on her bow as she warned,

“I’m sorry, but I cannot let you help them,”

  Kaede shunned the priestesses words out as she continued towards her father and mother. She watched frantically as her mother’s wound continuously dripped with blood. Kikyo frowned at the girl’s disobedience and rose her arm while raising her fingertips. The power that she had from long ago returned, and sharp glass pieces rose from the ground around Kaede. She screamed out in pain as the pieces pierced her body and dropped to her knees. She could feel the small puncture marks from where the glass pieces marked their bloody resting place in her skin. Kikyo snickered to herself but gasped as Kaede bent over and placed her hand down in the pool of her own blood surrounding her. She pushed herself up and began again, dragging her body towards her family. Kaede bit her lip in pain and blood rolled down her jaw-line from the injury she had caused out of suffering. Kikyo barked some foolish halts to the hanyou, but she was persistent, and finally came to her parent’s side. As she took the arrows out from their bodies, she began to breath heavily in drowsiness because of her wounds. Kikyo pulled back an arrow in her bow and muttered,

“This will get rid of you for sure,”


Kaede’s high pitched scream rang throughout the area as the arrow placed it’s mark in her back. She twitched and let large breaths thrust outwards from her lungs as she reached back and took the arrow out. Kikyo began to growl in frustration at the insistent child and had no more ideas of how to stop her. Kaede reached over and took her mother’s bloodied bow and lined up the arrow Kikyo had shot her with.

“This can’t be!” Kikyo shouted in disbelief as Kaede continuously lined up the shot. Kikyo, out of other resources, rose her hand again and more pieces were pulled up from the ground.

“Enough!” Kaede screamed as a barrier surrounded her and her family. Kikyo stepped back cautiously as Kaede’s fangs became longer and sharper as did her nails. Her eyes turned completely red with small golden pupils and curved her eyelashes far outwards.

“It..ends here,” She growled. Her full demon blood took control of her body, and she released the arrow. As it flew towards the unarmed priestess, Kikyo, she whispered her final words,




The arrow struck her clay body and she was taken backwards from the blow with a painful grunt. She collapsed on the ground as her body began to vanish with her collected souls floating up to the heavens. All turned quiet after the miko’s death and cease of existence. The jewel began to glow with passion. It’s glow overcame Kaede, and she turned back to normal. But she collapsed and turned unconscious from her wounds and the poison from the pieces. As all hope seemed lost, InuYasha’s eyes weakly opened to the sunlight casting down from the leaves.

Alright! Chapter 5!! Hahaha ok now I know, I know, this chapter is extremely short but consider it a present...because the next chapter is a whopper :XD: :XD: :XD: It might be put up tomorrow..I'm not sure...but I hope!! Ok well hope you like it **mutters- even though it's wayy short...** :XD: :blowkiss:
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asiangurl234 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
If it was my family, I would've been as strong in the heart as Keade was and not give up on them
anime-art-freak579 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
finally Kikyo is dead....AGAIN!! sorry for those who fav her, but it took forever for someone to kill her!
YAY!! she has the power to shoot sacred demon arrows, cool, but that means that she would be a half demon preistess, which goes against itself.......that makes it even better!! ^-^
MABCOW Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009
i liked this chap so much i had to draw it [link]
MABCOW Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008
You can draw one hell of a mental picture thank you
warriorsarecats Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008
ohhh...I love full demon!...She killed Kikyo
Tpkyomewmewlvr Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008
superherolover Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
thrilling chap.
animeprincess1452 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005
Woah that was shocking. Go little Kaede... that might be a problem in the future if she uses her demon blood... we saw that with her father.... i can't wait to read more...
blazing-assasin Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005
Quite shocking :giggle: woo hooo :w00t: :XD: And how very observant of you...cause it just may :depressed: thanks again!! :D :hug:
powder-rose Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2005
Meeeeep. O_O That was awesome! xD

That was such a dramatic chapter! I absolutly loved the part where Kaede became full demon... That was written so wonderfully! :3 I love how brave you made Kaede, esspecially in that part. She's so couragous! And I also love how she becomes full demon, AND uses the bow and arrows. Thats just awesome. xD It's like a perfect balance between InuYasha and Kagome. x3 I also really loved all the detail you put into the morning scene. x3 It was perfectly perfect... From the birds, to Kagome waking her up. Simply awesome! n_n I'm glad Kikyou's gone. She was a big bully! ;_; I was so worried when Kagome and InuYasha were almost dead. O_O I was scared she was going to be all by herself now! Which reminds me...How did Kikyou get into the present anyhow? xD I'm sure that'll be explained sometime, so maybe I should just keep my little mouth shut 'till then. n.n;

Oh! I might be getting a computer in my room sometime. n.n Maybe then I can write my own stories. O.O; Tha'd be so cool, don't you think? xD But anyways, that was an awesome chapter, and don't worry about it being short... It was still TOTALLY awesome. xD Please write more soon! I LOVE your stories, as you probably know by now... :giggle: :heart:
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